Radar Speed Signs are those devices which are used to detect the moving speed of the vehicle and display it on the screen making the driver aware of his speed. If the vehicle is at a speed greater than the permissible limits, it warns the driver and asks to slow down to a speed which is permissible in the specific zone. These devices have a detector that detects the speed of an incoming vehicle from a distance and a display unit which displays the permissible speed limits in the area and the actual speed of the vehicle.

The Radar Speed Signs by Houston System are very efficient in detecting the exact speed of the vehicle and displays it instantly on the screen with minimum time lag. The symtech india Radar Speed Sign also has provisions to videotape the vehicle whose speed is above the permissible limit as a proof of violation done by the driver. The tape gets stored in the server of the central command center and can be accessed to frame charges on the driver.


  • 1. Bright LEDs of yellow or amber color which can be seen from far even in broad daylight.
  • 2. Auto-brightness control to manage the brightness level according to the surroundings.
  • 3. Customizable pixel pitch and matrix size
  • 4. Flexible design enables the client to get the product which suits his requirements.
  • 5. Lens system to prevent glare during daylight and optimize the visibility.
  • 6. Radar units with highly-sensitive motion sensors to detect the exact dynamic speed of the vehicle.
  • 7. High-end components to minimize time lag and display the speed of the vehicle nearest to the real-time.
  • 8. Energy efficient design.
  • 9. Powder-Coated display to increase the durability of the display unit.
  • 10. Weatherproof, water-resistant and dust-proof.
  • 11. Tough build to prevent theft and vandalism
  • 12. Light weight and portable with an internal CPU
  • 13. The two section display shows permissible speed limit in one region and the actual dynamic speed of the vehicle in the other section of the display.
  • 14. Mains, solar-powered and battery operated to give it the flexibility to be used in any and every place.
  • 15. Shows warning signal when the speed of the approaching vehicle is above the permissible unit.
  • 16. Video recording facility of the vehicle with higher speed
  • 17. Monitoring and surveillance facilities.
  • 18. In-house built software enables it to be used very easily by the operator.
  • 19. Connectivity by GPRS, WiFi, and Bluetooth.
  • 20. Use of Bluetooth to display message of the Radar Speed Sign on mobiles


The Radar Speed Signs by symtech india find a lot of applications and can be used in various places. Its flexibility allows people to use it both on roads and within the premises of an organization or nearby.


Houston System products are among some of the most trusted products in the industry and the quality of its sensors and displays make it a formidable competitor. The advantages of using a Houston System Radar Speed Sign are:

The Radar Speed Signs by symtech india manages the dynamic traffic in a highly innovative manner. It ensures that the rash drivers are booked and prevented from getting away with ease. These are visible from far and thus the driver gets ample time to control his speed and bring it to the permissible limits. Even then, if he does not follow the rules, his actions are recorded and the violator is booked and punished accordingly.

These Radar Speed Signs are installed near almost all the public places and organizations and institutions like schools, municipalities, and governmental offices asking the drivers to slow down. These are more effective than the speed breakers, speed bumps, and speed humps.

Many studies have shown that the streamlined traffic flow not only causes fewer traffic issues but also prevents a lot of accidents. The speed limits, if followed properly, can reduce pedestrian accidents manifolds. The radar speed signs help in minimizing them very effectively.


The integrated manufacturing unit of the company ensures that all the devices manufactured here conform to the quality standards promised to the customers. The use of latest technology components and manufacturing techniques with minimum human involvement ensures that the product manufactured is very good in quality.

The Radar Speed Signs are the devices of tomorrow future-proofed with the use of latest technology. Availing the services of such devices brings the organization or the cities under the gamut of very few cities that use such advanced devices to manage the traffic. We invite the authorities from all across the world to enquire more about our products and send in their queries. We respond to every communication within one working day. You can send your quote and lot order and we will get back to you with the best feasible offer within the minimum timeframe.