The system has been designed to offer drivers a satisfactory parking experience, eliminating the stress of finding a parking space. Make parking faster and easier by swiftly guiding drivers to open parking spaces with our Premium Parking Guidance System. With the implementation of this solution, the parking facility can considerably reduce time to park,

A new approach to manage parking sections and increase vehicle rotation. Enhance customer loyalty by giving them the new parking experience.

  • 1. Greater profitability
  • 2. Fluid Traffic flow
  • 3. Significant time savings
  • 4. Lower maintenance costs
  • 5. Decreased fuel consumption
  • 6. Eliminates stress for drivers
  • 7. Optimization of occupancy rates
  • 8. Ease and convenience provided
  • 9. Improved concentration on traffic condition
  • 10. Decreased monitoring costs (accurate counting)
  • 11. Assistance and guidance from the car park entrance
  • 12. Reduced energy consumption (ventilation, lighting, etc..)
  • 13. Instantly obtain hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly and annual statistics

Parking Guidance System comprises of following smart devices to design intelligent guidance solution.

Ultrasonic Sensor: Ultrasonic detector right above every parking space to collect the real-time parking space information through the principle of ultrasonic, measuring the distance and transmit its feedback to led indicator and node controllers through RS-485.

  • 1. Long detectable range up to 5m
  • 2. Small and easy for installing
  • 3. Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • 4. Joint commands for sensor groups
  • 5. Weather proof – IP66 protection class
  • 6. Sensor software update over the network
  • 7. Adaptive Temperature Compensation (ATC)

Ultrasonic Sensor LED: The ultrasonic sensor is designed for mounting on the ceiling and detecting the availability of a parking space. All detection sensors have the digital signal processing (DSP), adaptive sensitivity and temperature compensation functions. The sensor transmits the parking space availability information in real-time to the PARKSURE system.

  • 1. Long detectable range up to 5m
  • 2. Weather proof – IP65 protection class
  • 3. No flickering and any electronic noise
  • 4. No ultraviolet and infrared radiation
  • 5. Daylight compatible LED
  • 6. Quick installation and Low maintenance
  • 7. Light emitting 360 degree without blind viewing angle

LED Indicator: LED indicator is installed in the front of each parking space to display the current status of the parking space. When the indicator displays green, the parking space is free; when the indicator displays red, the parking space is occupied by the vehicles. The disabled specially parking space is displayed by blue.

  • 1. Weather proof – IP65 protection class
  • 2. No flickering and any electronic noise
  • 3. No ultraviolet and infrared radiation
  • 4. Resistance of vibration and mechanical impact
  • 5. Day/night dimming possible via IVIS user interface
  • 6. Light emitting 360 degree without blind viewing angle
  • 7. High-quality and super bright RGB LED and 50° lens

Parking Zone Controller:
The Zone controller is designed for the real-time monitoring sensors parameters. The sensors are connected via the RS 485 interface. The circuit may have up to 60 ultrasonic sensors. The device operates as a separate 3-port hub, so they can be connected in series.

    Features :
  • 1. 60 detectors in RS485 loop
  • 2. Ethernet network, 3 ports
  • 3. Work as standalone unit
  • 4. 8 digital inputs for another parking systems status monitoring
  • 5. 7 digital outputs for another parking systems status control
  • 6. Process input/output data between the controller and sensor
  • 7. LED display connected to ZCU reports lots detected by sensor

Central Parking Controller:
Central controller (CCU), the core of the whole system, is mainly responsible for the collection of parking information and data processing of the whole car park. Then send the feedback of the processed result to LED display to show car pork information. The Central unit have the data storage function and also connected to the server for real time data synchronization.

    Features :
  • 1. Power-overload protection included
  • 2. Avoiding restart problem due to incidental power loss
  • 3. Controller remains functioning, when system is offline
  • 4. Galvanized steel whether proof finishing for more durability
  • 5. In built data memory chip to store all current operating data
  • 6. In-built RS485 communication hub compatible to MODBUS

Light Control Unit:
Smart Lighting System can save over a 75% in energy consumption in comparison to more traditional alternatives  It works mainly in two ways: by using the more efficient and cost-effective LED technology and by automatically dimming down the intensity of light in areas where it isn’t needed.

    Features :
  • 1. Optimization of parking resources
  • 2. Gain flexibility in parking’s off & peak hours
  • 3. Greater feeling of security and it avoids driving mishaps
  • 4. Passage driveway light control to guide users for exit
  • 5. Dimming Control to create different lighting scenarios
  • 6. I Bring down energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • 7. lighting opyimization by turn on the lights when they are needed

Car Finder Kiosk:
It is a smart system to help drivers to find their cars within the shortest time. By inputting license plate number, parking entrance time or parking space number, car owners can check the car location easily and it will show the best route to your car. Meanwhile cars without license plate can also be monitored.

    Features :
  • 1. Faster turnaround of available spaces.
  • 2. Eliminate stress and frustration when looking for car
  • 3. Saves precious time-especially in airports, malls etc.