Contactless Parking System:  Contactless Solution is designed to cater non revenue unmanned solution. In this system entry lane and exit lane equipped of RFID and smart card access system integrated with barrier gate. It is ideal solution for restricted area to be access by authorised users and suitable for office, corporate parking.

The Contactless Automated parking solution consist of following parking competent  to make it secured, managed integrated model.

RFID Reader: Long Range UHF Passive RFID reader detect windshield TAGS from range of 12 m to provide access to the authorized users with stopping vehicle and contact access devices.

  • 1. Frequency Range: ISM 865~868MHz or ISM 902~928MHz
  • 2. Operation Mode: FHSS
  • 3. RF Power: 0~30dBm, software adjustable
  • 4. Reading Speed: Average Reading per 64Bits
  • 5. Reading Mode: Timing or Touch, Programmable
  • 6. Data Ports: Wiegand26/34, RS485, RS232, RJ45
  • 7. Reading Range: 12m
  • 8. Reading Clue: Buzzer
  • 9. Antenna: Built-in line polarization Antenna~Gain:12dbi
  • 10. Operation Temp -20℃ to +80℃

PARKI: Modern, energy-saving barrier with extensive functions, specially designed for demanding tasks in parking management systems.

  • 1. Compact control unit
  • 2. Versatile configuration options
  • 3. Innovative motor technology
  • 4. Barrier arm length up to 4 m
  • 5. Silent and Smooth Operations
  • 6. Reverse on Obstacle detection
  • 7. Reverse on Obstacle detection
  • 8. Opening and closing in 1.5 sec
  • 9. Adjustable opening and closing speeds
  • 10. For almost all standard passenger cars

Card Reader: Short range proximity readers detect standard or smart card on showing to the access reader by seasonal users or authorized parkers. These devices can be integrated with Driver and License plate cameras to capturing image on predefined events.

  • 1. Voltage: DC 9 – 15 V
  • 2. Working Current: 100 Ma
  • 3. Working temperature: -10⁰C to + 60⁰C
  • 4. Humidity: 20% to 98%
  • 5. Read Distance: 8 – 15 cm
  • 6. Output format: wiegand, RS 485

NAC Controller: Intelligent controller to interface any weigand short/long range readers with buffer memory to store data during offline and stand alone mode. it help to integrate external access devices to the central management system.

  • 1. Card holder: 54000 cards
  • 2. Logs: 60000 records
  • 3. Alarm events: 10000 events
  • 4. Communication: TCP/IP
  • 5. Card reader: Wiegand 26/34
  • 6. Verification: Proximity, EM, Mifare, long range UHF Passive etc

CENTRAL MANAGEMENT STATION: CMS perform real time monitoring and controlling of all parking field devices with parameterization and up gradation of entry, exit and cash desk equipments.


  • 1. Graphical, clear presentation of the parking system
  • 2. Checking and controlling of the devices
  • 3. Functional alarm message reporting with direct access
  • 4. Event, log, Report Management
  • 5. Card, TAG registration and management
  • 6. Access and Time and Attendance Management
  • 7. Real time video monitoring of access gates
  • 8. Integration with fire alarm system